How To Make More $$


It’s 2019 and by now you probably have social media of some kind, and if you’re like over half the millenial population than you’ve probably heard the term “multiple streams of income” or “passive income streams”. We’ve all read the books Rich Dad; Poor Dad (if you haven’t, go buy it now!) about how decisions made by two father figures in his life shaped how he looked and managed money. Well it’s time you do the same!

Scary Debt Breakdown:

  • Average person has about $38,000 in debt (not including mortgages)

  • 25% is from credit cards

  • 15% spent on dining and nightlife

  • 13% spent on clothing and personal care

  • 13% spent on personal passions and hobbies


Even Scarier Reality:

The average person earns $39,000 per year, meaning they make $1000 more than their debt owed. The cost of living is steadily rising, yet salaries aren’t (unless you go into more debt to raise your education level)

See the vicious cycle?

How long will it take you to get out of debt with just ONE job or income stream?


The key to becoming Debt-Free is to start or pickup a side hustle! Here are 5 that you may not have thought of!

1) AirBnB - rent out a room in your home or stay at a friends house and rent out your entire home (avg $80-$560 per week)

2) Drive for Uber, LYFT, Grubhub on weekends ($25-$1000) per week

3) Become a Virtual Assistant (4 hours per day: $60-$300 per week)

4) Bartend on weekends ($100-$1000 per night)

5) Dog Walker ($35- $875 per week)

Debt is a reality that many of us face, but debt free is the reality that all of us desire, find a way to make money doing what you love while bettering your financial future!

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5 Tips For Ladies Just Starting To Lift!


When I first started lifting weights 9 years ago, I got all of my lifting tips and advice from men! Now being 5’2 and at the time 165 lbs, it probably wasn’t the smartest idea, but you live and you learn right?! Well after years of trying different things, I have been able to weed out a lot of the bro science and develop a set of tips to help women navigate the gym world!

#1) Gloves or no gloves? - When starting out, YES! One of the hardest parts about lifting weights is developing a good grip. While it will get better as you consistently start lifting more, in the beginning they will help you hold the bars easier.

#2) Chest Day - Do we really need it? - Yes! Although we don’t need to train chest as much as men train them, we need to incorporate some type of pectoral building exercises. Training chest helps prevent injuries when pushing or pulling, it helps balance out your posture, and eliminate that “boney” chest look. However the number one reason to train chest is to help balance out the weight distribution and increase your form for other exercises!

#3) Waist Trainers vs Sweat Belts - What’s the difference and are they needed?

  • Waist trainers/Corsets are a type of body shaping garment that temporarily manipulates muscle so that it has the appearance of being smaller. Bodybuilders and models utilize these garments to augment and alter their waist.

  • Sweat belts are flexible neoprene garments that wraps around your waist causing you to sweat more and helps eliminate water weight from your stomach and back.

    Waist trainers should never be worn in the gym or when your body fat is higher than 20%. It will leave bruises and could possibly damage organs. Sweat belts are safe for cardio and sauna sessions but should not be worn while lifting weights, otherwise it can weaken your core muscles, which could lead to injury.

#4) Protein - Does it really make you big and bulky? - Nah! LOL Your muscles (no matter how big or small) are made up of protein! The more muscle your body has; the faster your metabolism; which means you’ll burn fat faster! Having muscle also helps when you are unable to train by keeping your metabolism fast so you don’t have to worry about skipping a day or 5 . Drinking protein shakes post workout will help your muscles recover faster, you will be less sore, and will be able to reach your recommended protein goal faster. You NEED protein! (but only 1 scoop is fine!)

#5) Coconut Oil - This is MY PERSONAL SECRET! It is not a industry known secret! SO as ladies who love to lift or will just start lifting , I know one of the turnoffs of lifting is having callused hands. Take it from someone who has been lifting for almost a decade, almost glove free, USE COCONUT OIL! After my shower, I lotion my entire body but for my hands, I’d rub a dab of coconut oil into my skin (and if you’ve seen any of my YOUTUBE videos, you know I lift heavy) yet I get tons of compliments on my very soft hands

I hope these FITT-Five tips help you on your journey!! If you have tips that can help someone, leave them in the comment section below!

The 13th Month

time management.jpg

Follow me for a second.. there are 672 hours in a 30 day month. If you take just

  • 2 hours a day for

  • 7 days a week (14 hours)

  • 4 weeks a month (56 hours)

  • 12 months a year

= 672 hours…..

Yep… just taking 2 hours out of your day every day can create enough time that equates to a entire month!

What would you do if you could have an extra month a year to accomplish your goals? Would you be able to rest better knowing you had an extra 30 days to complete your todo list? Would you work harder? Make extra money? 13 months in a year sounds like a dream right? As if its too good to be true it actually is possible and just takes a little bit of focus and diligence on your end. 

“Huh? Eb what in the world are you talking about?” 

Well let me break it down to you; If you take your 2 hour “Real Housewives of Whatever” show and utilize that time spent on your work, you will actually be able to extend your 12 month year into a 13 month year without adding an extra month of bills! 

Here’s the breakdown:

2 hour a day * spent working on your craft or extra income

7 days a week * is a total of 14 extra hours a week. Train yourself everyday for 4 weeks and that equates to 56 hours a month. Once it becomes a habit to work on your craft at least 2 hours per day, everyday, after a full 12 months, you would have spent 672 hours on it, which equates to a 30 day month(14). 

4 weeks a month * (56)

12 months a year

= 672 hours

By eliminating gossip television shows that do not pour into your future, you will create an extra 30 days dedicated to your craft and dream!

Sometimes it’s not that we need extra time in our day, but simply a better way to budget our current time! Hope this helps! 

Comment below what dream your working on that needs an extra 30 days to develop!

5 Tips For The New Vlogger


When I first started vlogging, I have to admit, I was ill prepared, no film skills, no editing skills, nada! I totally cringe at my first youtube videos, I think I edited them in windows movie maker aka an updated version of powerpoint! LOL However I knew that I had to keep going, and with each video I’ve gotten a little bit better! I’m no Scorsese or anything like that but here are FIVE tips that helped my vlogging skills evolve!

  1. Breathe - seems like common knowledge, but unless you’re a person born for television, the moment the camera turns on, you’ll turn into mush mouth!! So breathe! Vlogging is partially about the experience and partially your point of view and mistakes as well! SO breathe, have fun, and don’t take yourself so seriously!!

  2. The best equipment to vlog with, is whatever you already have! My first attempt at vlogging, I used a basic point and shoot camera, video quality SUCKED, sound was pretty much non existent but those were some of my most watched youtube videos before I deleted them! My 2nd attempt at vlogging, I decided since I couldn’t afford a nice DSLR, my best bet was the nicest iPhone I could afford which was the Iphone 7. I started vlogging, but honestly never got comfortable holding my phone in the air all the time, but I kept at it. Quality definitely matters, however consistency plays a huge role in getting better too! *Currently I shoot with my Iphone 7 and my Canon Rebel sL2

  3. Learn how to edit! Teach yourself the basic skills of editing from the multitude of youtube videos, trial and error, or purchase a design course from a reputable source. Even if you outsource your editing needs, learning the basic functions and know-hows so you can communicate your needs to a video editor better. *Currently I use Adobe Premier programs

  4. Two of the most forgotten or unknown vlogging elements are lighting and sound!! I’m still learning how to better operate my studio lights, however I never travel without lighting! I can’t tell you how many times I filmed something, just to begin editing and I couldn’t hear a thing due to background noise or too dark lighting!! 

    * I purchased a phone case that acts as a backup light for vlogging when I’m shooting with the Iphone 7.

    * For sound, I use a my Apple headphones that come standard with the device and for the canon, I purchased an attachable Rode mic.

5. Aside from breathing, the best tip I can give you, is have confidence! Regardless of what story you're telling the world, people continue to view your stories based on how well you tell them! You're vlogging for a reason right?? You believe in that reason, NOW MAKE ME BELIEVE IT TOO!!

I want to follow your journey on vlogging! Comment your YOUTUBE handle and I'll go subscribe!