Why I Ditched Plastic Bottles and Why You Should Too


When I first learned the benefits of lemon water, I told anyone who would listen “add sliced lemons to your water! It’s great for you! Cucumber, melon, strawberries! Just add it to your gallon of water, drink on the go!!!” After a few uses, I began noticing the water jugs would smell funny even after numerous washes. The disposable bottles were even worse; they’d begun smelling funny while the fruit was still in the bottles. So I began researching the cause of these and realized: the acid from the fruits deteriorates plastic! That funny smell? That’s not your fruits going bad, That’s your plastic going bad!

Plastic is made up of polycarbonate and as it deteriorates, it leaks bisphenol-A (BPA) into the foods and liquids stored inside of bottles and containers. BPA is a endocrine disrupting chemical that mimics hormones in the body. These disruptions can lead to cancer, obesity, birth defects in infants, lowered immune system and more!

“Eb but what about BPA- FREE water bottles?” Well once they remove BPA as an ingredient, they must replace it with another chemical, which after researching can be equally as harmful. Plastic, itself BPA or BPA free is chok full of chemical leaching agents that disrupt the hormone and endocrine system. The only difference in those chemicals and BPA is that they are still researching them.

So I decided to stop drinking from plastic containers and start drinking solely from glass! Glass bottles keep filtered water fresh and pure without the risk of chemical contamination. Imagine buying filtered water just to learn your plastic water bottle was created using tap water which still leaks into your water… unfortunately that is our reality. Glass bottles on the other hand are chemical free, natural material, and dishwasher safe (unlike plastics!). Glass bottles don’t run the risk of deterioration from acidic or alkalizing fruits and vegetables! SO you can add as many as you’d like recieve all the benefits without the risks of plastics, bad tastes, or harming the environment!

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