5 Types of Food That Boost Weight Loss Part 2

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Hey FITT Fam! So I’m back with another blog about weight lost boosting foods! Did you read part 1? Did you run out and buy some new spices or fermented foods?? Comment below, let me know!

Last week we talked about the top 3 categories (with some easy to incorporate examples) for weight lost boosting foods, this week I wanted to wrap this 2 part series up with heavier foods that satiate your hunger yet still assist in fat loss. Numbers 4 and 5 on my list are:

4) Healthy Fats

5) Fibrous Carbs

Now these two categories, can get slightly tricky based on how the food item is cooked, however if you stick to the healthier options, spices instead of seasonings, these should be pretty simple!

Healthy Fats:

Hopefully by now you have some inkling or idea of a healthy fat! You may not know what CLA, MCT, or GHEE stands for, but you know it supposed to help keep your bad cholesterol low and your good cholesterol high, right? Well there are certain foods, supplements, and drinks you can consume in order to help increase your health. Healthy fats aren’t JUST good for your heart and removing the build up fats around your organs, but these fats also aide in weight lost. Healthy fats are used to boost your energy thus giving you the stamina to help power through workouts, office meetings etc. It speeds up the metabolic rate and helps in ridding the digestive tract of bacteria! A few of my favorite healthy fats: Salmon, CLA, MCT (keto bomb or bullet proof coffee) Olive oil, coconut oil, nuts. One of my least favorite healthy fat is avocado, due to its amazing benefits, I must add it to the list, but personally I can not stand the taste or texture!

Fibrous Carbs:

Starting the journey of weight lost, you hear that carbs are bad, a lot of the time, thing is, not ALL carbs fall under this category. Processed, refined, sugary carbs DEFINITELY fall under the “bad carb category”, but carbs that are high in fiber will get your engines revving in your digestive tract and help “move” some of that bad food out of your colon, if ya know what I mean! LOL! Due to the amount of fiber in these items, they are considered to be “good carbs”. Some of the top fiber filled carbs that help you lose weight, remove bloat and keep you full longer are whole-grain bread, brown rice, high-fiber breakfast cereals, whole-wheat pasta and whole-grain baked goods, eggplant, nuts and nut butter as well as oats, flaxseed, raspberries, broccoli, and a whole list of veggies. Consuming more of these foods with both soluble and insoluble fiber will aid in lower blood sugar levels, easier to pass (and more frequent) bowel movements, less day to day bloat, and faster metabolism!

I tried to keep this series as simple as possible! There is so much great information out there, but most blogs and articles will list 10-15 items of fat boosting foods, I wanted my readers to realize their are FULL categories rich in fat boosting foods and eating healthy is not limited to 15 items! If you learned something new, comment a heart or give this blog a like!

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5 Easy Protein Recipes!

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Over the course of 9 years training and 2.5 years of bodybuilding, this lifestyle can get pretty monotonous (??) One of the things I honestly am sick of is protein shakes! I mean no matter how good the flavor, eventually you get bored (well at least me! So I took a few recipes I found online or concocted in my head and developed tasty AND SIMPLE protein treats! Now keep in mind, I’m a mom and business owner so my time is extremely limited (as I'm sure yours is too) so these recipes are simple, cost effective and straight to the point! Drop a heart if you enjoy this blog!

Breakfast On The Go: Protein smoothie 

(10 Min prep time)

Macro Count:

268 calories

P: 25g | F:  2g | C: 19 net grams 

1 cup strawberries

1 cup kale or spinach

1/2 cup Mango

1 scoop of vanilla or chocolate protein

3/4 cup of water

Blend and go! Viola! 

It’s super simple! *Fitt-Tip; to minimize volume, replace your ice cubes with frozen fruit!! It also doesn’t separate due to water-fruit ratio being imbalanced!

Guilt and Bloat free Dessert: 

(15 Min prep time)

Macro Count:

210 Cal

P: 25g | F: 3g | C: 11 net grams    

Protein Ice Cream (strawberry flavored) 

1 scoop Strawberry Protein

1/2 cup of frozen Strawberries

1 cup of coconut or almond milk

(for thickness: 1/2 cup plain greek yogurt)

Puree strawberries, slowly mix protein powder in. Blend until creamy. Add milk substitute Viola! If you desire a creamier protein ice cream then add 1/2 cup of plain greek yogurt and blend until desired creaminess!

Keto friendly Protein Pancakes/ Waffles

(10 Min prep time; 10-15 min cook time)

Macro Count:

192 calories

P: 30g | F: 7g | C: 4g (with large egg)    

187 calories

P: 37g  | F: 2g | C: 4g (with egg white)

1 Scoop of vanilla protein

1 Large Egg or egg white equivalent

1/8 cup of water

0 fat non stick coconut spray

Dash of Cinnamon

Dash of nutmeg

(for added thickness mix in 1/8 tsp of baking powder)


Spray non stick pan with coconut oil, heat on medium while you mix your egg, protein powder, water, cinnamon, and nutmeg together. Once mixed pour into pan and allow it to brown on one side for 5-8 minutes then flip. Once mixed remove from heat and allow it to cool if prepping it for another day or add sugar free syrup and enjoy it right now!


Spray non stick pan with coconut oil and heat on medium while you mix your egg, protein powder, water, cinnamon, and nutmeg together. Once mixed pour into waffle iron and cook until it’s finished!

Dairy Free Protein Coffee with Double the flavor

(10 Min prep time)

Macro Count:

125 calories

P: 24g | F: 2g | C: 4g

1 Serving of Favorite Coffee

1 scoop of Cinnamon protein

Brew favorite coffee (for time efficiency, I use a Keurig and caramel flavored coffee grinds). While coffee is still hot, add it to blender. Stir in protein. (for Keto; add a scoop of coconut or MCT oil). Blend until its a frothy mixture then pour into heat safe container. Enjoy!

Protein Fruit Sickles; A cool treat for a hot day

(15 Min prep time)

Macro Count:

180 calories

P: 23g | F: 0g | C: 9 net grams

1 scoop of vanilla protein

1/2 cup of frozen strawberries or mango

1/2 cup of coconut water

Homemade Popsicle kit

Puree fruit, coconut water together. Add protein powder. Blend in protein powder on low. If consistency isn’t pourable, add more coconut water. Pour into Popsicle kit and freeze overnight. Remove after 24 hours and snack on healthy popsicles all day without an ounce of guilt!!

***All protein mentioned in the above blog is from NUTRAFX. Their protein blends well in any temperature mixture and has minimal additives. If you’re looking for a great protein (or if you want your recipes to resemble the quality of mine, try them out! Use code Eboni2018 for 20% off of your entire order