5 Ways To Be More Productive and Less Busy


I’m a woman who wear multiple hats,

As a stay at home mom and business owner i often find myself busy but not actually productive. Over the course of the past two years I have pretty much developed a way to become more productive and less busy. Thus having more time to do the things I like to do such as spending time with my daughter or going for morning walks!

Before you begin managing your time, take a step back and observe your natural habits. Are you a morning bird looking for that worm? Or are you a night howl burning through the midnight oil? I realized that although I can wake up fairly early, I am most productive at night, so I plan my days around my natural habits then build plans around that. So find out what type of person, once you can determine what comes natural to you, it’ll be easier to win your day!

1) Spend 30 mins to one hour on yourself every day.

Because I am more of a night owl, the mornings are my time for peace, quiet, and reflection. I don’t like to focus on anybody else but myself so I start out each morning with either 30 minutes of reading a new book or 30 minutes of today’s goals as well as what I’ve accomplished yesterday. By doing this, it allows me to ensure that I am on target and on track with each of my goals and keeping todays at the forefront of my mind.

2) Accomplish your five minute tasks first.

Usually while I’m eating breakfast, I dedicate that time to read my emails, go through the most important ones, and respond to the ones that require an immediate response. For other emails that require a plan of action or attachments, i begin to jot down ideas and schedule a time to respond later during the day.

3) Review tasks and goals for the day.

I like to stay on track with my goals, so after breakfast and emails, I revisit my book that I develop my ideas within, and I review the goals I have listed for today. I check off all of my completed “five minute tasks” from earlier, then outline the TOP 3 things I NEED TO ACCOMPLISH TODAY.

4) Set time limits to work on each project.

Just like your “five minute tasks” start your day with the easiest task or project that uses the least amount of brain power to complete. Immediately after completing the project, be sure you to check it off in your book or journal before moving on to the next task, however if its over a huge project, break it up in sections and set a time limit for what you want to accomplish today. Once your alarm rings, move on to your second task and work until completion.

5) Take breaks.

Minor distractions are sometimes very good to help jog your brain or help increase your creativity, so take a break. Distract yourself for 5 to 10 minutes, walk around, scroll on social media but be cautious of your time. I call this scheduled procrastination. Just like in fitness classes, you get scheduled rest/water/breathing breaks, you should give your brain the same courtesy!

Bonus tip:

Eliminate distractions!! I have a strict rule in my house, there is no television allowed to be on before 5 PM. That means no watching TV while working,  no listening to the TV while sending emails, there’s no need for television during the day, at work, or on your lunch breaks. Every minute you waste watching television, is a minute you lose from increasing your income, and the goal is to live a life you don’t need a vacation from!