The Coach’s Coach.

When it comes to business, starting it is the easy part. What they didn’t tell you after getting certified or licensed was EVERYTHING it takes to build a SUCCESSFUL and SUSTAINABLE BRAND that lasts for years to come. 

I teach coaches how to enhance or build a relatable brand, use their unique view point to monetize their social media accounts, and establish trust within the community thus creating an endless supply of clientele!


Services Include:


Business Development:

LIFT Coaching Sessions 

  • Brand development from the ground up

  • Specifically tailored to those in the health, wellness, and fitness sector

Financial FITT Planning

  • Financial analysis and overview

  • Tailored debt repayment plans

Brand Audit

  • Assessing your current brand and evaluating its strengths and weaknesses 

  • Developing a plan to strengthen your current brand

Content Development:

  • Copy and content writing

  • Contributing writing

  • Ghost writing

Social Media Management

  • Developing engaging content

  • Analyzing social media metrics

  • Converting engaged content to leads




She goes above and beyond!

Eboni W. has been an outstanding asset for our NutraFX team. She is always willing to go above and beyond what is expected of her, with everything that she sets her mind to, that includes her personal company, writing informative blogs or even competition prep. Eboni goes far above our standards, the people that surround her take notice that she sets the bar very high!

— NutraFX

She reminds us, that we are in control!

You have helped so many people including myself realize that we are beautiful too! Thank you for reminding all of us that WE are in control. We hold the key to making our life what we want it to be.”

— M. Maddox.

She’s business, finance, and brand savvy!

“Eboni is more than a trainer! She’s business, finance, and brand savvy! With her guidance, I’ve been able to cut out unnecessary spending by creating and sticking to a budget, develop She’s helped me view money and think differently about finances for the long term.”

— J. Burton


Your ideal clients are waiting.

We are here to help you cut the fluff, establish a brand with value, and develop clear cut strategies to increase your profits while attracting the clients you desire.


Some of the brands we have worked with…