A Community Cultivator

We, here at The FITT Team believe that in order for a community to truly flourish, we must take our neighbors hands and walk forward together. It takes a village to raise the next generation and we must start with ourselves! Join The FITT Team’s mission as we help empower our community one Give Back Event at a time.

Our Give Back Events are themed fitness events centered around local charities. Donation based entry secures your spot on the turf to participate in the HOTTEST fitness event in North Atlanta. Every donation we collect is given directly to the organization in need and helps them to continue helping the community. 

RSVP or Donate to attend the next event or donate to the charity of the month!


Sponsor and Vending Opportunities

Want to help empower the health and wellness community with The FITT Team? Would you like to be an angel donor and help sponsor one of the charitable organizations we help?

Or would you like to expand your local customer base? Please send an email to info@TheFittTeam.com;

subject line: Sponsor or Vending Request.

Thank you to our amazing vendors and sponsors for such amazing swag bags, door prizes, and raffles! Thank you to our community for uniting together and creating such a great event!

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The “I AM” Empowerment Bootcamp

Please show your community support by joining us for the 1st of 5 events this summer! The “I AM” Empowerment bootcamp will focus on young women building confidence and self esteem through physical fitness! We want each young lady to leave knowing they are loved, wanted and supported by the community! Donations accepted are: teen clothes, books, school supplies, feminine hygiene products, teen accessories, etc! Please encourage your churches to attend as well!


It takes a village.

“Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” -Vince Lombardi



It was a great experience teaming up with The FITT Team to bring not only awareness to other women. From the massages to the mimosa to the relaxing yoga, I truly enjoyed the experience.

— Happy Period ATL

Great time!

“I love each and everyone of the Give Back Events! No matter what the workout is, I am bound to have a great time and get super sweaty!! ”

— J. Rogers

It’s about giving.

“I love the giving aspect. There are alot of bootcamps and fitness camps around Atlanta, but this one only asks for a item to be donated, then The FITT Team gives back to us, with tons of swag bags and giveaways!”

— E. Rodriguez