Eboni W.

Owner and Developer of The FITT brand


Eboni W, has spent 8 years cultivating and building the ultimate fitness resume. From coaching trainers at YOUFIT, to competing on national level bodybuilding stages, if it is in the fitness realm, Eboni has her hand in it! Growing up as an athlete, fitness was always a part of her life from track and field, tennis, soccer, to intramural football in college; Eboni has always had a love for pushing her physical limitations. After working several years in the finance and customer relations sector, Eboni decided to finish her degrees and pursue her passion in fitness full time. With a degree in Psychology, paired with her knowledge of fitness and business, she was able to create The FITT Team. An acronym which stands for “Forever Inspiring Total Transformations” and it is our belief that in order to truly be fit, one must balance the mind, body, and spirit. 


While interning for various health facilities, she noticed the fitness world, chose to compete with one another instead of learning from each other such as doctors, therapist and other health professionals. She used the knowledge from school, the corporate sector, and fitness to create a community of trainers and wellness professionals. In doing so, Eboni’s expertise on branding, growing and managing social media accounts was constantly requested, so within this network she began assisting brands with their personal growth. This network of small businesses is called The Give Back Network, which is a group of professionals whose desires are growth, longevity, and community empowerment.


Eboni derives from the “It Takes a Village” generation, and believes that in order for the community to flourish, the individuals must unite and grow together. “Forever Inspiring Total Transformations” is not just an acronym, but a lifestyle of constantly striving to inspire, empower and equip the community for constant growth and balance.

Degrees, certifications, licenses:

B.S: Psychology; GGC

-> Minor: Sociology; GGC

International Certified PT; PTA Global (NCCA accredited)

Nat’l Certified PT; BDU (NCCA accredited)

Advanced Nutrition Certified; BDU (NCCA accredited)

Life Coaching Certified; BDU (NCCA accredited)

Zumba & Zumba GOLD Certified; ZIN

National Qualified Bikini Competitor and Coach